Recent Projects (Cool Stuff!)

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Request for Account Management to clone records associated with initial Opportunity. With a click of a button records are cloned 3 layers deep.

Take users through decision screens to update and create records. 

We recently helped on of our Saas customers solve the historically difficult problem of reconciling Booked MRR to Actual MRR.  There are many challenges to overcome here.  It would be great if a new customer started using a product the day that a deal is closed, but in reality there are all sorts of complications that need to be accommodated for.  Such as a delay between close and start dates, upsell and renewal expansion or contraction, cancellations etc.  Comparing Booked MRR to Actual MRR is sometimes regarded as trying to compare apples to oranges, but we recently tackled it for one of our customers. 

We have recently partnered with Bombora, a leading purchase intent data company, to help them leverage their new AppExchange package.  Out of the box, this package will provide a large amount of purchase intent data against Account record in SFDC.  We help Bombora customers take this mountain of data and mine the valuable nuggets of actionable data points for sales users to know what thier prospect and customers are searching for online.