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Our services will allow your organization to operate more efficiently, intuitively, and most importantly, will allow you to use Salesforce.com to its full potential.

Salesforce.com Configuration

Configuration services include data migration, process design, user setup, field and page layout customization, as well as report and dashboard setup. We work closely with our customers to ensure your Salesforce.com configuration suits your operational needs while providing all the desired reporting. Making sure Salesforce.com is configured correctly the first time is essential to any successful implementation.

Process Design: We want to understand how everyone in your organization will need to use Salesforce.com and design the configuration to make their interaction with the system as intuitive and streamlined as possible. The big difference between a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), like Salesforce.com, and a Contact Management system, is the flow of the records. Tracking a record from Lead to Repeat Customer requires well defined processes. We can help develop those process definitions.

Field and Page Layout Customization: The types of fields and how they are placed on the various records in Salesforce.com can make a big difference to the end user. If a user is confident in knowing what to do on each record, they are much more likely to supply the correct data. Our approach is to try and make each page as simple as possible to reduce ambiguity.

Reports and Dashboards: Having data in a format that is easily accessible and digestible is imperative if it is to be truly utilized. We help our clients harvest the fruit of their labor when we construct their reports and dashboards. Knowing how your business's key performance indicators are trending can help guide your business strategy. Getting to a point where data can help drive your decisions is a primary goal of Visual Data when we complete an engagement.

Data Migration: We can take customer data from a variety of data sources and correctly migrate it into Salesforce.com so you don't have to. We'll format the data and provide a custom de-duplication process, merging as many records as we can and tagging the potential duplicates you will want to merge manually.

Salesforce.com Training

Salesforce.com training involves actively engaging users and executives so they are well-equipped to fully utilize all the benefits offered by Salesforce.com. How a system is configured is just as important as knowing how to use it. Users and Executives are trained specifically to the configuration tailored for their business. Each will know how to find and interact with the records and summary statistics they care about.

Salesforce.com Administration

Salesforce.com administration services allow organizations to enjoy the benefits of employing a full-time business analyst but at a fraction of the cost. We take the time to learn about the goals and challenges facing our customers from a CRM perspective. Many of our customers decide to continue using our Salesforce.com expertise long after our initial project is complete. These services range from the basic administration of setting up users to drafting quarterly Key Performance reports for presentation to the board.