Why Creating Documents out of Salesforce.com is a True Win/Win

Let's face it, to get a CRM to work well for an organization takes hard work. Certainly the system needs to be configured to be as simple as possible, but the best CRM implementations require engagement at all levels from management, to end-users and of course system administrators. One ongoing point of frustration is that people in sales are typically not people who like to enter data into systems, but having reliable data in your CRM is crucial if your CRM is to drive value for your organization.

One the best incentives I have found to drive adoption, provide efficiency and ensure reliable data is to promote the creation of documents to be delivered to prospects and customers directly from Salesforce.com. Many organizations have proposal and agreement templates outside their CRM. This forces the sales people to concentrate their effort on data accuracy (Company legal name, address, key contacts, agreement and proposal terms and details) into documents that are separated from records in their CRM. This means the sales people have to work in two systems and the accuracy of the data in the CRM is usually the one that is sacrificed.

When a document generation solution is integrated into your instance of Salesforce.com, the sales users can enter accurate data into just one system that is coordinated with all their other prospect and customer efforts. They can then click a button to generated and deliver the document to a customer, leaving a record of the document and delivery in the system automatically. The user wins by dramatically reducing the number of clicks needed to generate and deliver documents. The CRM benefits from having all the accurate data supplied by the user, and management wins by supplying more selling time to their sellers and now have the ability to better understand the business with much more reliable data.

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