Series: The Lightning Experience And Reasons To Switch. Part 1: Optimize ‘Path’ For Guided Selling a

Path, formerly Sales Path, is a great tool to leverage guided selling or on-boarding for teams who use the platform. Path provides assistance during the process by providing 'Key Fields' & 'Guidance For Success'. It quickly allows updates and friendly reminders at the top of the page. Engage stakeholders and managers to tailor it for your specific business needs. Path is only available in the Lightning Experience user interface.

  • Create shortcuts and offer guidance at each step in the process.

  • Used in conjunction with Kanban to easily mark stages (or picklist values) complete.

  • Tailor up to 5 'Key Fields' per Stage located under the Kanban screen.

  • 'Guidance for Success' allows use of Rich Text, Images, and Links.

  • Now available for Leads and custom objects.

Example of end to end Path on an Opportunity

What's needed at the beginning of the Sales Process?

What's needed at the beginning of the Sales Process?

Include screenshots, where appropriate.

Remind & show Users to add Products.

Remind User to attach Files

Include screenshots or links for reps.

Zero in on final details

Final details are key for reporting!

Setting up Path

  • Review key fields and guidance with stakeholders and managers. Click here for a template.

  • Go to the setup menu. Under User Interface go to Path Settings and click Enable.

  • Follow documentation - link to trailhead

  • Don’t forget to add to the Page and Activate it for appropriate Profiles within Lightning.

Get started!

Enable Path Settings to get started

Choose your Path

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