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Linking Leads to Accounts in Salesforce.com

Many organizations share a common need within Salesforce.com of linking leads to existing accounts so their team can accurately gauge the entire sales potential of a customer and to ensure consistency in marketing efforts. This request can be solved in numerous ways depending on the customer’s business structure and needs. Two ways that Visual Data Consulting has recently solved this are; 1. Matching on email domain; 2. Performing a fuzzy match on the lead’s company field against existing account names.

  1. Visual Data Consulting recently solved this issue by creating a related object to accounts that consisted of email domains related to that Account. The email domain records are unique so a domain cannot be associated to multiple accounts. When a lead is created or modified, the lead’s email domain is compared to the existing email domains and then associates the lead to the proper account. When a contact is added to an account, and the email domain of that contact does not currently exist in the related list of email domains, then that contact’s email domain is added to the account’s list of email domains.

  2. Recently Visual Data Consulting was requested to create a solution for a B2C customer that would perform a fuzzy match upon the creation of a lead to match the lead’s company field against existing accounts within the same state. The first solution in this post was not possible due to the nature of the customer’s business. Their customers comprised of mostly individual consumers and not businesses so matching on email domain was not possible. We create a solution that would compare the lead’s company field against existing account names within the same state and return the account that had the closest match within a given threshold.

Both of these solutions provide a related list of leads on accounts so sales team can see the full picture of opportunities, contacts, and leads associated to an account.

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