It's all about Kanban! The Lightning Experience Series: Part 3

What is Kanban?

Kanban Bar

Kanban is a visual representation of any listview within the Lightning Experience. has made this customizable for any object with a picklist available. Whether you manage a sales pipeline or projects it’s interface allows the User to drag and drop accordingly. Having a Project Management background I absolutely love this feature!

A little background on the word Kanban. According to Wikipedia, Kanban’s literal translation in Japanese is signboard or billboard developed as a lean method for JIT (just in time) manufacturing. It is a type of agile project management allowing a visual representation of work in progress. I could dive deeper into the utilization but that is a high level definition.

How do I set it up inside the Lightning Experience? has made the ability to switch to Kanban very simple within the Lightning interface. Once in Lightning go to a listview and toggle to ‘Kanban’ under the gear icon.

Toggle gear icon to switch views

Select Kanban Settings

Kanban Settings

And ta-da!

Kanban view

Features include the ability to drag and drop records into new columns and that picklist value automatically updates! Click the video demo below.

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