Putting the 'Quick' in Quick Actions. Making it Easy For Managers and Easier For Reps to Log

Recently, we had a request to build a solution that concatenates a short text field into a long text field within Salesforce.com. The use case was to keep it easy to log weekly updates but save a running tally in a manager's view. While apex can handle this request I was challenged to make it accessible for a Salesforce Admin to replicate, thus no changeset or code coverage required.

Leveraging Quick Actions, a button is added to the Opportunity page that simply pops up containing a single field. The User fills out their 'Weekly Update' and it saves into the longer 'Sales Notes' field along with previous updates. The tricky, yet cool, part of this solution was adding a carriage return between each update. The magic happening behind the scenes is done in a declarative way so it can be reproduced effortlessly for other use cases. I use the word declarative to mean using the tools available without code.

Quick Action with one field to fill out.

This allows managers to quickly scan the entirety of notes in one field. Personally, I love this solution in Lightning because Quick Actions are added to the layout as buttons. The other thing I like about Lightning pages is that Compact Layouts & Actions remain static at the top of page as the User scrolls to other fields. This allows that Quick Action containing the Weekly Update to be accessible. Most sales managers will agree the easier it is on the sales rep the more likely they are to use it.

Click on my video below to see a demo.

Displays the compilation of weekly updates in Sales Notes section

Quick Action to Long Text demo

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