Extra, Extra! Improvements to Process Builder!

Salesforce is finally upgrading Process Builder error handling in the Summer ‘18 release. This is huge! Many admins leverage Process Builder to handle automation previously accessible by code. However, since the initial release a common criticism has been Process Builder's poor error handling. Users receive a cryptic "Error: 301……” with no direction to correct the issue. Meanwhile, in the background, the admin who created or last modified the process would receive an error and have to provide direction to the user. This slows down productivity and creates frustration. Since many errors are due to validation rules the user should be able to take corrective measures on their own to move forward. So, this is a huge improvement!

Salesforce introduced Process Builder around 2015 which allowed system administrators to take declarative automation to the next level. Previously, Workflow and Apex were the primary automation tools available. While Workflow provides a lot of value some of it’s limitations include updating child records or populating lookup fields. Process Builder makes this possible for admins without code.

Below is a screenshot of the summer release notes and the updated error handling. This is a big step!

Release Notes Summer '18

Salesforce Process Builder: Error Handling

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