What our Clients are Saying

"On an everyday basis, VDC helps my organization create and improve our business through When I joined a new organization last year, VDC was the first resource on my list to help align process and tools. Having worked with them before, I knew they were my end-to- end resource. After a thorough kick off meeting where we discussed business model, roles, responsibilities, and KPIs, the VDC team quickly got to work and presented options for improvement. Their ability to execute on ideas is a sure strength that has proven effective in improving the way my business operates. The VDC team is knowledgeable in process and systems, and is extremely responsive. VDC is our partner for life!"

Kristen Jones, Director of Operations

Evans Senior Investments

“I have had the pleasure of working with Visual Data Consulting for approximately seven years.  Over that time, they have assisted us with simple user questions and creating user manuals, to complex customizations.  They understand our business and how is best utilized in our business.  Like a Swiss Army Knife, VDC is one of those tools in our toolbox that we simply could not  do without and you never stop finding cool new ways to use it.  Brendan and team are one of those partnerships that you NEVER worry about what someone might think if you refer them to VDC.  I also might add, I love that they are close enough to us that I can go discuss a project face to face, and then go enjoy a pizza with the team.  Great people, great work.”


Skip Wehner, Chief Operating Officer

Pinnacle Capital Partners

"I came to Visual Data with a mouthful of Salesforce cavities. Brendan and his wonderful team of data hygienists drilled in and fixed the huge abscesses they found by grabbing data from Quickbooks and recreating my sales history. Wow! Then they taught me how to keep my new pearly white database clean by implementing new process across my sales and service group. These guys make you smile, unlike a trip to the dentists!"

Bret Aker, Managing Director
Aker Wade Power Technologies